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Aims and Scope


Journal of Public Health International (JPHI) is a leading forum for high-quality research and innovative practices in the field of public health. Our mission is to advance public health knowledge and practices globally, fostering a healthier future for all.


Thematic and Topical Focus:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Public Health: Emphasizing the transformative role of AI in healthcare, including disease prediction, health system management, and ethical considerations.
  • Digital Health and Telemedicine: Exploring the impact of digital technologies and telehealth services on healthcare accessibility and quality.
  • One Health Approach: Addressing the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health, and promoting an integrative health approach.
  • Health Equity and Social Justice: Focusing on research that seeks to understand and address health disparities and promote equitable healthcare access.
  • Climate Change and Health: Investigating the public health implications of environmental changes and developing adaptive strategies to mitigate health risks.
  • Mental Health and Well-being: Advancing research on mental health promotion, intervention, and policy, with a focus on reducing stigma and enhancing mental health care.
  • Public Health Informatics and Big Data: Utilizing data analytics, AI, and informatics to enhance public health decision-making and policy development.
  • Pandemic Preparedness and Response: Learning from recent global health crises to improve pandemic response strategies, vaccine development, and public health communication.
  • Aging Population and Geriatric Health: Addressing the unique health needs of an aging population and promoting healthy aging practices.
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity: The relationship between diet, physical activity, and health, and interventions promoting healthy lifestyles.


Methodology Preferences:

  • JPHI welcomes a wide range of methodological approaches, including quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, and innovative research designs.
  • We value interdisciplinary research that crosses traditional boundaries to offer comprehensive insights into public health issues.

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