Process and Peer review

Open Access Pub initiated with an aim of promoting the progress and upholding the cause of Science and Technology using the concept of Open Access with the best system ever available along with retaining its Quality" -the main element.

Process and Peer review


✒ First Stage

All manuscripts are automatically logged into our tracking system when they are submitted online through our Manuscript processing system. Manuscripts are subjected to scrutiny by the Editor-in-chief or the staff editors as necessary.


✒ Tracking Manuscript

Authors are able to track the decision process via our Manuscript processing system.


✒ Single Blind Peer Review

Selected manuscripts which are up to the standards after the initial review will be sent to external peer review. Reviewers maintain the manuscript confidentiality, without the permission of the editor-in-chief they cannot disclose, print or copy anything from the manuscript. The reviewer's identity is not revealed to the author or to other reviewers of the same manuscript. However, each peer reviewer will receive a copy of the decision letter for the manuscript that she or he has reviewed. Authors are required to declare any and all conflicts of interest—financial, personal, or other—that may affect the information. If an author of a manuscript under consideration has a primary appointment at the editor-in-chief's institution, decisions regarding that manuscript will be made by an advisor who is independent of the editor-in-chief.


✒ Decision Making

Most initial decisions are made in less than 30 days of receipt of the manuscript. Authors are notified of decisions via email.


✒ Revisions

Most manuscripts require revisions, minor or extensive, before they are accepted in full for publication. Authors receive instructions for revisions in manuscript decision letters, based on peer review feedback and staff editor's feedback.


✒ Presentation

All accepted manuscripts are edited for content, overall presentation, completeness, clarity, balance and sometimes for grammar and correct style also, so authors should be prepared for further revisions (sometimes extensive) during editing. These revisions reflect the editor-in-chief's and the staff editor's detailed critiques. Some changes are needed to make content clearer to a broad readership; others are required so that the manuscript will conform to be consistent with rules for standardized terminology, reference style, table style, spelling, and word usage.


✒ Proof Reading PDF

It is the author’s sole responsibility to proofread the final, edited version, which the corresponding author approves of the accuracy of the manuscript on behalf of all authors. Corresponding author can do this after consulting with all co-authors or by obtaining their advance authority to approve the final version on their behalf. Once the final, approved version of PDF is provided it will be forwarded for Full text to be uploaded online. And corrections after this stage are difficult, time taking and may attract extra fees if there are many corrections.


✒ Proof Reading Full Text (HTML)

The corresponding author is responsible for proofreading the full text, and consequently all authors are wholly responsible for the accuracy of the final online version based on the given link. The corresponding author may correct typographical errors and data errors but may not make discretionary or non-error changes to the proof. If the authors make discretionary changes that should have been made during editing, they may be charged the cost of these extra changes.


✒ Publishing and Finalizing the Manuscript

Please make a note of the provisional status: Though an article is displayed in one of our issues before finalizing the changes, it is noted as "provisional" and may accumilate changes further till its status changes. Once the proofreading is complete and the author acceptes the finalized version it is published to one of our issues and this finalized. Any major changes form there on will be updated to CrossMark and are chargable by publisher.