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About The Journal

The International Journal of Hydrocarbons (IJH) is a publication dedicated to the development of technological advances in the field of hydrocarbons. International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) aims to publish original research papers, review articles, and case studies that reflect the latest developments in the area. The journal covers areas such as reservoir engineering, petrophysics, petroleum geology, petroleum engineering, petroleum exploration and production, petroleum economics, and more. 


International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) is a comprehensive resource for those working with hydrocarbons in both the academic and professional capacities. It provides readers with a comprehensive view of the most recent developments and advancements. The editors strive to ensure that each issue is of the highest quality, and that it is designed to meet the needs of hydrocarbon professionals. With its wide-ranging coverage, International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) is an invaluable resource for those seeking to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the field.


 Advantages of publishing in Journal 

International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) focuses on all areas of hydrocarbon science and technology, including production, exploration, refinery processes, applications, and future prospects.


International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) also provides a platform for researchers to present their findings on cutting-edge advances in hydrocarbon science and technology, along with detailed discussions of current trends. By publishing in International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH), researchers gain access to a wide and varied audience from the research community, industry, government, and other stakeholders.


Additionally, International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) provides researchers the opportunity to showcase their work and attract the attention of key opinion leaders in the field. By submitting to International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH), authors can be assured of a thorough and rigorous peer review process and also benefit from reduced submission and publication costs. International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) provides fast publication times, ensuring that research findings are quickly disseminated and making it easier for authors to move their research forward.


International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) is an excellent platform for researchers, industry professionals, and other stakeholders to stay informed about the latest developments in hydrocarbon science and technology. As an open access journal, International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) provides a unique opportunity for researchers to share their work with a diverse international audience without the need for a lengthy and expensive publication process. With rapid publication times, knowledgeable editors and reviewers, and cost-effective publication fees, International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) is the ideal platform for research in the field of hydrocarbons.


Instructions for authors 

The International Journal of Hydrocarbons (IJH) is an interdisciplinary journal that provides an international platform for the exchange of ideas and research on a wide range of topics related to hydrocabons and their impact on the environment. The journal seeks to promote the exchange of knowledge between researchers, practitioners and policy makers to better understand the various aspects associated with hydrocarbons and their applications.


International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) encourages authors to submit original research, review articles and case studies related to hydrocarbons. The journal also publishes special issues focusing on specific topics of interest. All manuscripts submitted to the journal must adhere to the guidelines given in the author instructions. These guidelines include originality requirements, formatting requirements, copyright requirements, and plagiarism guidelines. All manuscripts submitted to International Journal of Hydrocarbons (IJH) must also be endorsed by at least one external reviewer prior to publication. The journal also encourages authors to include their contact details for any editorial queries or other research inquiries.


 Editorial Board 

The International Journal of Hydrocarbons (IJH) is an international research platform for scientists and practitioners to share their knowledge, ideas and solutions related to hydrocarbons and the related fields.

International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) publishes articles about the fundamentals and applications of hydrocarbons. It covers a diverse range of topics including the chemistry and engineering of hydrocarbons, oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation, as well as oil and gas recovery, refining and marketing.

IJH is guided by an expert and experienced editorial board, who evaluate manuscripts for scientific accuracy, practical relevance, and originality before publication. All papers are published in English and must meet the highest standards of scientific excellence.


Article Submission 

The International Journal of Hydrocarbons (IJH) provides an international platform for researchers to share their findings in the field of hydrocarbons. reviews in the areas of petrochemicals, energy and fuels, geochemistry and geophysics, alternative energy, and related topics. Authors are encouraged to submit their latest works to the IJH in the form of original research articles, short communications, review papers and reports. 

The journal adheres to the highest standards of peer review and takes pride in providing a rigorous and impartial assessment of all submissions. The International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) Editorial Board includes leading experts in their respective fields and the journal is supported by an international network of editors and reviewers. 

To ensure that all articles published in International Journal of Hydrocarbons (IJH) meet the highest scientific and ethical standards, a rigorous review process is followed. All submitted manuscripts are initially reviewed by the editor-in-chief, who assesses their suitability for the journal. If the manuscript meets the journals requirements, it is then sent to reviewer experts, who provide their comments and recommendations. The editorial team will then make a final decision on each manuscript based on these comments. 

The International Journal of Hydrocarbons(IJH) is committed to providing authors with the support they need throughout the submission process. Authors can submit their manuscripts to the journal using the online submission system. Further questions and queries can be addressed to the journals editorial team.


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