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Page Numbers  1-9

Lyme Disease: In the “Lime Light” for Over 25 Years

J Evans Kenisha  1 Ayers Eric  1 E. Stinson Cassandra  1 E Simpson Arren  1 Quayson Delisa  1


Page Numbers  10-14

An Inherited Balanced Translocation Between Chromosomes 4 and 6 in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: A Case Report

Srilekha Avvari  1 Jyothy Akka  1 Sujatha Madireddi  1 Nallari Pratibha  1 Venkateshwari Ananthapur  1


Page Numbers  15-23

Using a Medication Plan as a Quality Indicator: Feasibility and Satisfaction Results from an Observational Study

Blondon K.  1 Skalafouris C.  2 Louis Simonet M.  1 Piguet V.  3


Page Numbers  24-40

Impact of Family Planning and Religious Belief upon Family Growth in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2022

Kore Sifir Cheru  1 Taddese Samuel  2

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